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Brad Marchand Faces Potential Trouble Ahead of the Playoffs

Published April 9, 2023 at 3:22 PM

Boston Bruins' Brad Marchand could soon find himself in hot water with the NHL's Department of Player Safety following a controversial hit on New Jersey Devils' forward Michael McLeod during Saturday's game in Boston.

In the midst of McLeod's attempt to move the puck out of his zone, Marchand appeared to deliver a high hit on the young player.

Marchand in Trouble Just Days Before the Playoffs?

According to several reports, McLeod left the game dazed and bleeding, but Marchand received no penalty during the match. Matt Porter of the Boston Globe observed that the hit cast Marchand in a negative light, especially considering his history as a repeat offender:

''Need to see a few more angles of that hit, but that first angle wasn't a good look for Marchand.''

With the evidence at hand, it's uncertain whether the league will take action against Marchand. As the playoffs draw near, could NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman use this incident to set a precedent for officiating in the postseason?

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Gary Bettman Could Make an Example of Marchand Just Days Before the Playoffs
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Brad Marchand Faces Potential Trouble Ahead of the Playoffs

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