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Ryan Hartman Gets the Last Laugh With Jordan Binnington

Published April 9, 2023 at 12:31

Not long ago, tensions flared between Jordan Binnington and Ryan Hartman. It's no secret that things often heat up around Binnington, but this particular incident was exceptionally fiery.

Hartman Has The Last Word

To refresh your memory, here's what went down the last time these two players faced off:

Binnington received a two-game suspension for his actions.

Fast forward to yesterday, when the Wild and the Blues squared off once more.

Ryan Hartman capitalized on a poor decision by Binnington, scoring an effortless goal.

The Wild forward dashed into the offensive zone, pursuing the puck. As he broke away, Binnington abandoned his net in an attempt to thwart him, but Hartman deftly sidestepped him and sent the puck into the unguarded net.

Following the goal, Hartman's celebration was unmistakably aimed at Binnington, surely adding salt to the wound.

As reported by Hockey Patrol - Hartman Taunts Binnington After an Easy Goal
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Ryan Hartman Gets the Last Laugh With Jordan Binnington

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