Kyle Dubas' Crazy Plan to Sign Matthew Knies Has Begun

Published April 9, 2023 at 10:53
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Knies to Join the Leafs: Dubas' Smart Plan in Action

Matthew Knies, considered one of the most NHL-ready prospects, recently saw his NCAA Frozen Four playoffs end after a thrilling 3-2 overtime loss to Quinnipiac. With this, Knies is now eligible to join the Toronto Maple Leafs, but fitting him into the roster isn't as easy as it might appear.

Dubas Crafts a Clever Solution

To tackle this challenge, Dubas is coming up with a brilliant plan. As per CapFriendly, Dubas is taking the following steps to accommodate Knies:

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1. Play with a smaller roster, creating an emergency situation (Already done)
2. Reassign Simmonds

Sign Knies
Recall Woll with a $0 cap hit REE

Dealing with Salary Cap Limitations

The Leafs are already treading carefully with their salary cap, as shown by them fielding only one NHL goaltender last night. Adding Knies to the mix means another contract and cap hit.

It's expected that Wayne Simmonds, who likely played his last NHL game last night, will be reassigned to the Marlies today, clearing the way for Matthew Knies to join the team.

Finding Balance: Bonuses and Roster Strength

Although Knies won't have the chance to earn performance bonuses if he joins the NHL team, the 20-year-old NCAA prospect probably wouldn't have received much anyway.

With only one dressed goalie, Joseph Woll can be called up as an emergency backup, optimizing both the Leafs' cap situation and their roster quality.

Dubas' Resourcefulness Shines

Navigating a world of stagnant salary caps isn't a walk in the park, but Kyle Dubas always finds a way!

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