Boston Bruins Accused Of Breaking An Important NHL Rule

Published March 29, 2023 at 11:30
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The Boston Bruins have undoubtedly been the top team in the league this season, boasting an impressive 57-12-5 record. Recently, concerns have emerged regarding Taylor Hall, who has been sidelined with a lower-body injury since February.

Boston Bruins Accused of Circumventing Salary Cap

Hall is said to be ready to rejoin his teammates on the ice. However, following the additions of Hathaway, Orlov, and Bertuzzi to the roster, the Bruins find themselves with limited cap space, leaving them unable to activate Hall's contract for now.

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To accommodate Bertuzzi, the Bruins placed Hall on long-term injured reserve (LTIR). With Hall now prepared to return, Boston lacks the necessary cap space to bring him back into the lineup.

Speculation suggests the Bruins might be waiting for the playoffs to activate Hall, resulting in accusations of salary cap circumvention. This strategy has drawn attention across the league and could lead to further scrutiny of the team's actions.

In the 58 games he played this season, 31-year-old Hall has scored 16 goals and recorded 20 assists, amassing a total of 36 points.

As reported by Hockey Patrol - Boston Bruins Facing Accusations Of Cheating an Important NHL Rule
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