NHL Insider Reveals How Much it Will Cost the Leafs to Keep Michael Bunting

Published March 29, 2023 at 9:50
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Michael Bunting's recent performance with the Toronto Maple Leafs has garnered the interest of other teams. Bunting has achieved over 20 goals for two consecutive seasons and has been successful on the second power play line.

How Much Will it Cost the Leafs to Keep Bunting?

According to NHL analyst Mike Johnson, other teams value Bunting's versatility and his ability to score on any line. Johnson suggests that Bunting is worth a six-year contract at $24 million.

"I've talked to teams around the league that like Bunting and would give him term... I think if he goes to market him getting a 6-year $24M contract is not out of the question,"

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However, the Toronto Maple Leafs are not willing to pay such a high price to keep Bunting. The team hopes to sign him to a discounted 6-year, $3.5 million contract. One factor that may work in the Leafs' favour is Bunting's pride in being born in Toronto, which may make him more willing to accept a discounted contract.

The Leafs may want to follow the example of Nick Paul, who signed a seven-year discounted contract with an AAV of $3.15 million. Keeping Bunting's AAV down would be beneficial for the team. The question now is whether the Leafs are willing to meet Bunting's asking price, and if not, which team will pick him up.

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