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BREAKING: Red Wings Head Coach Ejected After Going Crazy

Published March 28, 2023 at 9:05 PM

During a recent game between the Penguins and the Red Wings, tensions flared during the second period. Red Wings head coach Derek Lalonde was ejected from the game after an incident occurred.

Lalonde Gets Ejected After Freaking Out at the Officials

The incident in question happened when Lalonde called for a coach's challenge on a play that he believed was goalie interference. The play involved Jason Zucker from the Penguins, who attempted to push Red Wings goaltender Alex Nedeljkovic out of the way after he had frozen the puck. As a result, Nedeljkovic gave up the puck.

After reviewing the play, it was determined that there was no goalie interference, and Lalonde became enraged, shouting profanities at the officials. His outburst led to his ejection from the game.

Check out the replay:

As seen on Hockeypatrol - BREAKING: Red Wings Head Coach Goes Crazy and Gets Ejected
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BREAKING: Red Wings Head Coach Ejected After Going Crazy

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