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Major: Gary Bettman To Reveal Coyotes Future In coming Weeks

Published February 6, 2024 at 8:53 PM
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The Arizona Coyotes are an enigma. The team's future hangs in the balance as they continue to be without a permanent home.

Dreger Gives Major Update On Coyotes Arena Situation

Today, NHL insider Darren Dreger updated us on what is going on with the team in their pursuit of a new home. It sounds like there is more uncertainty to come for the team though as their next potential option is no guarantee.

"I'm told that they are making progress in securing property in Phoenix. The problem with it is though is that the property that they have targeted has to go to land auction first. It's a valuable piece of property so nothing is decided just yet."

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Apparently, the Coyotes are not the only party interested in the land as well. According to Dreger, the land is quite valuable so the team will have to outbid a potentially very wealthy opponent in the auction. This could make acquiring the land a problem.

The Arizona Coyotes making progress on purchasing land but
TSN: Darren Dreger said that the Arizona Coyotes are making some progress in securing some land near Phoenix. They aren't the only group interested in the land

Gary Bettman To Make Imminent Announcement About Coyotes Arena Plans

Another insider gave yet another update on the Coyotes situation today as well. Frank Seravalli revealed that Gary Bettman is set to make an announcement regarding the future of the team as early as this weekend.

Gary Bettman said we'll have an announcement on #Yotes future in a few weeks. Sources say it could come as soon as this weekend.

Seravalli revealed three possible options for the Coyotes in his extended article linked in the announcement. The first is essentially what the team is currently planning, acquire the land needed in the auction and build an area there. The second option he revealed would be for ownership to sell the team with the intentions of keeping the team in Arizona.

League sources have been buzzing about an option much less talked about, but one that is clearly on the table, and involves Meruelo selling the franchise to another local business interest who could privately purchase a parcel of land and fully fund the build of a new arena

The third, and perhaps most exciting option would be for the team to relocate to Salt Lake City. This option has gotten a lot of air time as rumors about the team swirl across the internet. Utah Jazz owner Ryan Smith hinted at this possibility in his latest comments about the situation.

"[Smith Entertainment Group] has also made clear its immediate ability to welcome an NHL team to Utah, using Delta Center as an interim home arena for an NHL franchise."

Regardless of what option they choose, it seems as though a decision could be coming soon. Stay tuned for more updates on this evolving story.

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