The Minnesota Wild host an outdoor matchup against St. Louis
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Original Six Team Set to play host to yet another Winter Classic

Published February 6, 2024 at 1:53 PM
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The outdoor game series in the NHL is one of the most exciting events on the calendar, and now, the league appear to be setting up a major showdown for 2025.

Connor Bedard on the biggest stage?

While there's several teams that are looking to find themselves on the outdoor stage, the NHL is unsurprisingly going back to an old favourite.

"BREAKING: Blackhawks will host the Winter Classic next season at Wrigley Field against the Blues, a source tells the Sun-Times." Ben Pope said.

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According to a report, the Chicago Blackhawks will host the Winter Classic in 2025, doing battle with the divisional rival St. Louis Blues, with Connor Bedard being thrust into the spotlight once more.

Chicago set to get another Winter Classic

Tied with the Boston Bruins, the Chicago Blackhawks have already played in four Winter Classics, with a poor 0-4 record over that time, and while it's not yet official, it appears to be locked in.

Given the star power that the team posses in Bedard, while potentially adding another one atop the 2024 NHL Draft, the move makes sense from the NHL, but given which teams haven't competed in the Winter Classic, giving other teams a shot may have been the better move here.

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