David Pastrnak without a helmet on during warmup for a Boston Bruins game.
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MAJOR: David Pastrnak and Other Players Planning to Boycott NHL's Next Major Event

Published February 6, 2024 at 10:24
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After this recent announcement by the NHL, David Pastrňák and other NHL players have been excluded from play, and are planning to boycott the NHL's next event.

NHL Announces 4 Nations Tournament Instead of All-Star Game Next Year

Among the excitement at this year's NHL All-Star game, one of the major announcements made by the NHL was the return of NHL players to the Olympics, as well as a new tournament that will take place next season featuring NHL players from Canada, USA, Finland, and Sweden in a 4 Nations Tournament.

As a result, there will be no All-Star game next season as players instead compete for their Country. Here is the statement as reported by Elliotte Friedman.

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This is ahead of what will hopefully be a full on World Cup of Hockey that will occur at later seasons, however, there will be a lot of NHL players who won't be playing next year who very well could be. That includes David Pastrňák.

Pastrňák Disappointed in NHL For Excluding Players and Will Not Watch Tournament

David Pastrňák was asked about the tournament, and he expressed his disappointment in the NHL for excluding many players from other Countries like his own who won't be able to participate. Here's what he had to say.

"It's a huge disappointment. Definitely not happy about it," Pastrnak said. "I understand that it's a quick turnaround. It's next year. They probably didn't have much time to make it a bigger tournament."

He added, "But Czech isn't there. So it's always a lot of players left out, so I'm not gonna watch the tournament, to be honest. So just happy that the Olympics got accepted. Yeah, (it) definitely stings a little bit."

Overall, it's clear that the NHL is trying to bring international hockey back, and this quick turnaround isn't the end goal. However, it will be unfortunate not to see players like Pastrnak play next year at the tournament.

As seen on House of Hockey - "David Pastrnak Officially Boycotts Gary Bettman's Newest Event"
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