Core Coyotes Piece Publicly Bashes The Franchise

Published July 27, 2023 at 5:06 PM
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A core piece for the Arizona Coyotes has publicly bashed the franchise for their stadium and ticket prices.

Vejmelka's Underrated Skill

Karel Vejmelka is a large piece of the Arizona Coyotes' future. A solid goaltender who is under contract till 2025 for a cheap price, Vejmelka has stolen many games for the Coyotes.

Despite his poor numbers of a 3.43 GAA and .900 sv%, Vejmelka is one of the better goaltenders in the NHL. According to Moneypuck's Goals Saved Above Expected model, Vejmelka was the 14th-best goaltender last year.

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Vejmelka Bashes The Coyotes

Recently, Vejmelka publicly bashed the Coyotes for their strategy for getting fans in the stadium.

"I don't think a single game was sold out this year. It was mostly away fans too. The prices are stupid, $160 for the cheapest seat in a tiny university arena"


This has sparked many rumors on if the goaltender wants out of Arizona and where he could go. Nonetheless, the Coyotes will be playing in Mullet Arena again next year to the disappointment of players all around the NHL.

As read on Habs Fanatics - Coyotes goaltender publicly criticizes his own organization
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