Analyst Reveals Which Leaf Will Break Out Next Year

Published July 27, 2023 at 4:05 PM

We may know which Maple Leaf will take a massive step next year exciting many fans.

Analyst Reveals Who Will Breakout

TSN analyst Dave Poulin believes there's a significant reason behind this decision and sheds light on the team's potential strategy for the upcoming season.

The reason behind Murray's LTIR placement is believed to be centered around Joseph Woll, a promising goaltender who has been part of the Leafs organization since the 2016 NHL Draft. The team seems to be banking on him to have a breakout season in 2023-24.

Poulin suggests that the Leafs are making a bet on Joseph Woll's abilities. Despite being 25 years old, he has only played 11 NHL games in the past two years and has not yet reached 100 professional games, combining his AHL and NHL experience.

I think this is about Joseph Woll. I think this is a bet on Joseph Woll, that they feel, now he's 25 years old, he's only played 11 NHL games over the course of 2 years.. He hasn't played 100 professional games in total, American Hockey League, NHL, everything.

I think is to roll the dice on Joseph Woll, because after him in the organization, guys, there is not much at all. There's not a proven 3rd string backup. You look at the guys that are slated for the Marlies, they're 20 and 21 years old. There's no pedigree, there's no background.. you don't have a Brian Elliott or Curtis McElhinney or somebody sitting in the background [with NHL experience], you don't have any of that. At least at this point, you don't... I think they feel strongly like Woll is going to take a huge step this year.

Woll Could Be A Hidden Gem


Despite his limited NHL experience, Woll has shown glimpses of his potential during the 11 appearances he made in the Maple Leafs jersey over the past two seasons. With a commendable 9-2 record, a 2.38 GAA, and an impressive .924 save percentage, he has demonstrated promise at the professional level.

The upcoming 2023-24 season will be critical for Joseph Woll as he seeks to establish himself as a reliable starting goaltender for the Toronto Maple Leafs. If he can rise to the occasion and perform consistently, the Leafs may finally find a solution to their longstanding goaltending challenges.

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Analyst Reveals Which Leaf Will Break Out Next Year

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