Empty Hockey net with the Olympic Rings logo on the boards behind.
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BREAKING: NHL to Announce Massive News Regarding the Olympics

Published February 2, 2024 at 11:44
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In breaking news, the NHL is expected to make a massive announcement regarding the upcoming Winter Olympics in 2026, according to this insider.

NHL Players To Return to Olympics in 2026

In major news, Gary Bettman is expected to make an announcement this afternoon about NHL players being able to return to the 2026 Olympic games, according to insider Chris Johnston.

In addition to the 2025 Four Nations tournament, the NHL and NHLPA will announce a return to the 2026 Olympics this afternoon, per sources.

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Best on best hockey is back.

This is massive news as the NHL has avoided the Olympics for the last few games after not being able to find an agreement. The announcement is expected to come in a joint statement between the NHL and NHLPA.
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