Todd McLellan, former Head Coach of the Los Angeles Kings.
Photo credit: Sportsnet

BREAKING: Western Conference Team Fires Their Head Coach

Published February 2, 2024 at 11:40
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Early in the season, the Los Angeles Kings looked on track to compete for the Pacific Division title, but since that point, it's all seemingly fallen apart.

Kings part ways with Todd McLellan

On Friday, the Los Angeles Kings officially parted ways with McLellan, naming Jim Miller interim Head Coach for the remainder of the year.

BREAKING: #LAKings Fire Todd McLellan and name Jim Hiller head coach for rest of season

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This comes off the back of the team picking up just three wins in their final 17 games before the All-Star break, and with a roster that should be competing with Vancouver, Vegas and Edmonton, this is a move that makes complete sense.

The Kings still have a shot at the Wild Card, and with a team this talented seeing an incredible year in net from a veteran duo, if they can turn things around with Miller in charge, things could be very interesting the rest of the way.
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