33-Year-Old Hockey Olympian Tragically Passes

Published July 20, 2023 at 1:29 PM
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Mike Hammond has passed away breaking the hearts of many.

Hammond Passes

It was announced that Mike Hammond tragically passed away in a single vehicle in B.C. last night.

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Hammond had a lengthy international career playing for Great Britain.

Hammond's Wonderful Career

Hammond is the epitome of never giving up on his dreams. After playing in the BCHL for the majority of his junior hockey career, he went on to play college hockey.

After college hockey with Lakehead University, Hammond went and played in the ECHL.

After his ECHL stint, he played in the EIHL, DEL2, Germany3, and in Denmark.

He most recently played in the EIHL and has plans of joining the Glasgow Clan.


Our thoughts are with his family.

As read on Hockey Patrol - Tragic News: 33-Year-Old Canadian Hockey Player Tragically Passes Away
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