Insider Explains why the Maple Leafs Need to Trade William Nylander

Published July 16, 2023 at 11:29
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This week, everyone in the hockey world is talking about William Nylander. He is currently having difficult negotiations with the Leafs, and this might indicate that a trade could happen soon.

It may seem surprising, but this trade could actually be a good thing for the Leafs. They could benefit more from it than if Nylander stayed on the team.


Martin Biron from TSN has some interesting insights about why trading Nylander could be a smart move. Here are a few of his perspectives:

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Solving Money Problems

The Leafs are in a tough spot with their salary cap. Getting rid of Nylander could help them solve this problem.

Interesting Return

No one can deny that Nylander is a top player in the league. Any team interested in trading for him would have to give up a lot in return.


Strengthening the Defense

There are rumors that Nylander could be traded for the Sharks' Erik Karlsson. If this trade happens, the Leafs' defense would become even stronger, improving their powerplay and defensive abilities.

More Freedom for the Future

Without Nylander, Brad Treliving would have the freedom to search for and recruit players with specific skills. The team already has some star players, and Treliving could focus on finding those who would complete the team's core strength.

Ensuring Long-Term Success

By trading Nylander, Treliving would avoid committing to another long and potentially problematic contract that could cause issues in the future.

Breaking Away from Nylander

Nylander's individualistic tendencies don't align with the team-oriented culture the Leafs are trying to build. His reputation as a difficult player to handle doesn't help either. The team can move forward without him and possibly even improve team morale.

To sum it up, trading Nylander could completely change the Leafs. If Treliving manages to trade him for Karlsson, they would certainly be in a stronger position than they are now.

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