Major Trade Scenario Involving John Tavares Emerges

Published July 15, 2023 at 6:22 PM
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Major Rumor Involving Tavares

A new trade rumor emerged and it's causing quite a stir among Leafs fans, because it involves John Tavares.

Some have suggested that the Leafs could trade their captain, John Tavares, to the Los Angeles Kings in exchange for their top defenseman, Drew Doughty.


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This is just an idea and not a confirmed plan, but it's interesting because it could benefit both teams.


Doughty is currently in the fifth year of his contract, earning $11 million per year. He still has four years left on his contract, including the upcoming season.

On the other hand, Tavares is in the sixth year of his contract, also making $11 million annually. However, he has only two seasons left on his contract, including the upcoming one.

Would the Kings Agree?

Now, imagine if the Leafs' General Manager could negotiate with the Kings to pay a portion of Doughty's high salary. This would make it more affordable for the Leafs.

For example, if the Kings agreed to pay 30% of Doughty's salary throughout his contract, his impact on the Leafs' salary cap would be reduced to $7.7 million. With Tavares' contract ending soon, the Leafs could have a better player for the long term at a lower cost.

Of course, it's not guaranteed that the Kings would agree to this proposal.

However, considering their desire to win now, it's possible. The Kings already have many defensemen on their team and could benefit from having a player like Tavares in their lineup. The Kings would have four top centers in Kopitar, Danault, Dubois and potentially Tavares. They would probably be one of the hardest teams to compete against because of this.

If this idea reaches the desks of the two General Managers, it would certainly be worth serious consideration.

Would you trade Doughty for Tavares?

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