Friedman Reveals Why the Canucks Traded Pearson

Julien Trekker
September 25, 2023  (11:28)

Last week, the Montreal Canadiens and the Vancouver Canucks made a trade involving Casey DeSmith, Tanner Pearson, and a draft pick.

Pearson Traded from Vancouver to Montreal: The Veteran Gets Another Chance

Montreal got DeSmith from Pittsburgh in the deal that sent Erik Karlsson to the Penguins, and the organization decided to flip him for Pearson and a third-round pick.
Pearson's situation in Vancouver wasn't ideal at all. Rick Dhaliwal reported that he had to undergo six or seven surgeries for a hand injury, and for a long time, there was some uncertainty about his future in the NHL.
"Pearson was shut down with a hand injury on January 12th; he hurt the hand on November 9th. The latest on Pearson is that he has had 6-7 surgeries so far, and the hope is he is done with surgeries. The rehab is still a long road ahead for Pearson, and it's still too early to know if he will play next season."

Coming Back From Major Injury: Pearson to Bounce Back in Montreal?


Elliotte Friedman talked about the trade on the latest 32 Thoughts episode and revealed why they made that deal and why it's a blessing for Pearson.
"Vancouver trading Tanner Pearson to Montreal is the best thing for everyone involved, including the player. There were a lot of hard feelings in the aftermath of the multi-surgery mayhem that put his career into uncertainty and cast doubt on the Canucks' medical staff.

It's great to see him looking healthy enough to play. When the summer began, Vancouver wasn't expecting him to be ready, so they made other moves, but Pearson's potential return would have caused a salary cap and positional logjam for the Canucks.

One of the things they could have considered was putting Pearson on waivers. That wouldn't have been good for anyone."

The Habs made a similar trade last season with the Flames involving Sean Monahan. Monahan spent most of the season injured but still brought a lot to the Habs. Now, a year later, he signed for another season at only $1.985M. For what he can bring to the table, that's a good deal.
Could Pearson walk the same road that Monahan did?
Now that he has the chance for a fresh start, he will look to make the best out of it, and we hope that he remains healthy!