Crosby Predicts Connor McDavid Will Hit Another Career High

Graham Montgomery
September 25, 2023  (10:12)

True generational players are not very common in the NHL. But when they do, they recognize each others talent. Sidney Crosby, arguably the best player of his generation, recently spoke up about one of his younger contemporaries, Connor McDavid.

Crosby Predicts McDavid Will Score 170 Points

Last season Connor McDavid set a new career high in scoring 153 points in 82 games. It was a record for the modern era in which even 100 point seasons have been rare. Remember when Jamie Benn won the Art Ross with 87 Points? But Sidney Crosby thinks McDavid can score even more. When asked if he thought McDavid could hit 170 points, he had this to say.
"I mean, I didn't think 150 was going to be in the cards for him but he found a way to get there. So, I don't think anything is out of the question for him as far as numbers are concerned. He just finds a way to find another level time and time again, so I would never bet against him."

The last time anyone in the NHL hit the 170 point mark in a single season came in the 1988-89 season in which Mario Lemieux scored 199.

McDavid seeks first Stanley Cup Championship in 23-24 Season

Despite the numerous personal achievements McDavid has accumulated in his still young career, there is one trophy that still eludes him. The ever elusive trophy of Lord Stanley himself.
The Oilers will likely need McDavid to be operating on his normal level in order to go on a deep playoff run, but if he is scoring at over two points per game in the regular season, that should be a pretty good indicator that the Oilers are ready to be real contenders.
If McDavid is able to hit that mark, and continue to score at that pace in the postseason, we would be looking at a player putting up 40 to 50 points in a single playoff run. That would be truly remarkable for the modern era.
Hopefuly for Oilers fans, McDavid can continue to lap the rest of the league in scoring and finally bring a Stanley Cup not just to Edmonton, but to all of Canada in general.