Ron MacLean Embarrasses Himself With Treatment of Don Cherry

Graham Montgomery
March 24, 2024  (3:03 PM)

NHL analyst Ron MacLean with former co-host Don Cherry on coach's corner
Photo credit: CBC

Ron MacLean and Don Cherry are two names that virtually every Canadian knows. Recently, the two broadcasters have developed problems in their friendship, showcased by MacLean's recent actions.

MacLean violates Cherry's privacy with social media post

MacLean and Cherry were once very close friends as the two worked together for decades. They are perhaps best known for their work on Hockey Night in Canada, as well as Cherry's personal segment called "Coach's Corner."

Recently, Maclean posted a picture of him hanging out with Cherry on his birthday. At the time no one thought much of it. It seemed like a normal gesture between friends. The two broadcasters had previously spent some time apart, but recently is has been reported that Don Cherry and Ron Maclean were back in touch, reinvesting in their longtime friendship.
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However, Cherry and MacLean have apparently had a bit of a falling out recently. This moment was actually captured at Don's son's house where it was intended to be private. According to Tim Cherry, MacLean posting the picture on social media was disrespectful and another strike against the broadcaster.
"I assumed it was just for him, and it was a cringe moment when I saw it on his X account. I figured Ron might come by with a card and I thought if he was going to do it, it might be better at my house since I thought it would be uncomfortable if he showed up at my dad's house on the actual date of his birthday. It was supposed to be a private moment between two guys who have very public lives."
This was the most Ron MacLean thing I've ever witnessed.
Ya know Ron McLean is getting too old for his job when he asks 27 year old Bobby McMann if when growing up in Alberta he knew about Glen Sather's mom's clothing store in🤣🤣 #LeafsForever
Meanwhile, Cherry remains a prominent voice in the hockey world despite stepping away from television. The NHL analyst continues to share his opinions, especially regarding the Toronto Maple Leafs, on a regular basis. He will likely never return to television, but he won't stop sharing his thoughts on the current state of the sport.