Jakub Lauko forced into Sergei Bobrovsky on a play.
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Bruins fans litter the ice with debris after a brutal penalty call

Published May 10, 2024 at 10:05 PM

Following Boston Bruins forward Jakub Lauko getting a brutal interference penalty called after Florida Panthers defenseman Aaron Ekblad pushed Lauko into Sergei Bobrovsky, fans littered the ice with debris.

In game three of the 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs, Bruins forward Jakub Lauko rushed down the ice and drove the net on Sergei Bobrovsky while also getting a solid scoring chance. On the play, Lauko would be plowed into Sergei Bobrovsky courtesy of Aaron Ekblad.

The play would have a penalty called on Lauko out of seemingly thin air and the Panthers would score on the ensuing power play.

Fans across the NHL would voice their displeasure on this call and this isn't helping the referees the same day Kelly Sutherland was accused of fixing games either.

Regardless of which end you were cheering for tonight, you just know the referees were in the back pocket of the Florida Panthers after this call.

If I'm Jakub Lauko, I'm going to at least make sure the two minutes I get for some garbage like that is well worth it.

If you take a look at that play, the Panthers players even thought it was them based on their reaction.

Six power plays for the Florida Panthers and they score on four of them. The refereeing in the 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs have been consistently atrocious and this game just puts the bow on it all.

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Blade of Steel Bruins Fans Litter Ice
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Bruins fans litter the ice with debris after a brutal penalty call

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