Pat Maroon fires a threatening shot at Matthew Tkachuk before game 3

Tom Banks
May 10, 2024  (4:01 PM)

Pat Maroon of the Boston Bruins.
Photo credit: Yahoo Sports

The Boston Bruins and Florida Panthers are locked in a war through two games, and now one enforcer has called out star forward Matthew Tkachuk.

Game two of the Eastern Conference semi-final showdown between Boston and Florida was one of the most wild we've seen in recent times, and it had everyone buzzing. The biggest moment of all was the battle between David Pastrnak and Matthew Tkachuk throwing hands in a moment that truly no one expected.
Unsurprisingly, many within the Bruins organization weren't happy with how that went down, especially Pat Maroon, who has now called out Tkachuk ahead of game three in Boston.
«Tkachuk's not going to fight me.»

Pat Maroon speaks on David Pastrnak and Matthew Tkachuk dropping the gloves in Game 2 🎙️
In previous years we've seen Tkachuk's physical play in the Battle of Alberta, as he has the edge to get under his opponents skin, but one-on-one, it's tough to expect that he would indeed want anything to do with Maroon. Given how frustrated the Bruins are, it's no shock that they're ready to up the ante in game three, with Maroon revealing their mindset;
Pat Maroon on Game 2:

"I think we should be pissed off, for sure. Especially about our game too — I think most importantly.

"All the other stuff, whatever — the scrums, them yelling in our face after they scored? It's over. It's done with. We gotta be mad here."
Simply put, whether Tkachuk actually fights Maroon or not (unlikely), game three is going to be a war, and it's going to take every single player on both rosters to find a result in this one.
Source: Hockey Latest