Patrick Kane has reportedly chosen his next team

Published August 17, 2023 at 1:13 PM

There's been a lot of rumours involving Patrick Kane in the last few months. The hottest free agent on the market won't make an appearance in the early months of the upcoming season, sidelined by a surgery, but he's expected to sign a contract before returning to the ice.

A new update has been shared.


Kane Knows Where He'll Sign

The word on the street, courtesy of Eklund from Hockey Buzz, is that Kane has his sights set on joining a contender and, believe it or not, has already picked his team!

This not only signifies Kane's impending return to the ice, but also lets us know he's already got a new jersey in mind.


Why the Wait?

So, with this news, could we see Kane signing sooner than anticipated? Why wait if he knows where he'll end up? Maybe the team needs to free some cap space before being able to pay him...

We should know more about this matter in the coming weeks.

Where's your best guess for Kane's next landing spot?

As seen on Markerzone - Kane Has Reportedly Already Chosen His Next Team
August 17   |   138 answers
Patrick Kane has reportedly chosen his next team

Where do you think Kane will sign?

Los Angeles3323.9 %
Edmonton4230.4 %
Boston1611.6 %
Other4734.1 %
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