NHL Set to Unveil Game-Changing Announcement for Upcoming Season

Published May 27, 2023 at 2:08 PM

Potential Major Changes in the NHL

It seems major changes in the landscape of the NHL are imminent based on a report put out by Larry Brooks. A central point of these changes might be an increase in the salary cap before the onset of the next season. This is something both the National League and the Players' Association are seemingly weighing up.

An Expected Salary Cap Increase

Brooks details that both involved parties are exploring the potential for a marked salary increment, possibly scaling up to a range between $84.5 and $85 million, and it could come into effect within the next year.

The Escrow Challenge

The crux of the issue lies in the fact that for this salary cap increase to be possible, the players would be required to deposit more funds into the escrow, a proposition the NHLPA is currently refusing. Consequently, the players are keen on uncovering alternative routes to amplify the revenue that the league brings in.

Adjusting Regular Season Games

This brings an intriguing suggestion to the table; the NHLPA is seemingly backing the idea of expanding the count of regular season games by 2, meaning that there would be 84 games a season instead of 82. Such an adjustment would inevitably require a decrease in the duration of the training camp.

Public Opinion on Proposed Changes

Given this potential change, would adding a couple more games into the annual schedule really be a good idea? It's one the NHL will have to give a lot of thought and consideration before making any conclusive decisions.

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NHL Set to Unveil Game-Changing Announcement for Upcoming Season

Would decreasing the length of training camp be too much of a detriment to the players?

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