Insider Sheds Light on Another Major Cancelled Trade by Brendan Shanahan

Published May 27, 2023 at 11:23

Brendan Shanahan Puts the Brakes on Another Major Trade

Earlier, we brought you news about a clash between Brendan Shanahan and Kyle Dubas that revolved around Shanahan blocking a trade Dubas was eager to carry out.

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Now, we're seeing new developments about another potential trade that Shanahan cancelled.

Karlsson Could've Join the Leafs

There's talk on Twitter that Dubas had successfully arranged a trade for Erik Karlsson, but the board's decision, supported by Shanahan, meant that the trade fell through.

"The frustrations in the approval process with the board were real and were raised by Dubas throughout the season. I have been told by several sources that the fact that there was a process wasn't the problem, but rather the timing was what frustrated Dubas.

An example given was that Dubas would work on something and would get it to a point where he would need approval. He would then need to get Shanahan up to speed so he could obtain approval from the board (and to be clear, we are talking about significant moves only), and that approval would take up to 3 days to come back.

During that time, as you can imagine, the opportunity may well have passed. Dubas wanted to pursue big-name, high-end defensemen, and I am told that this process specifically prevented him from doing so."

So, it seems that the proposed trade never materialized. While we don't have all the specifics, it appears that the process was simply too time-consuming and the deal eventually fell through.

This spark a debate on whether the Leafs should have let go Shanahan instead of Dubas. Do you think they should have fired Shanahan istead?


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Insider Sheds Light on Another Major Cancelled Trade by Brendan Shanahan

Do you think the Leafs should've fired Shanahan instead of Dubas?

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