Philadelphia Flyers Making A Surprising Logo Change Coming Next Season

Published May 26, 2023 at 7:39 PM

NHL teams often employ strategies to enhance their revenue, one of which involves introducing a third jersey or modifying their primary jerseys. This is precisely what the Philadelphia Flyers are planning to do in anticipation of the upcoming season.

Flyers Making A Logo Update

Rest assured, Flyers fans, the modifications are subtle and not extreme. The main tweak pertains to a slight darkening of the orange color scheme that the team's jerseys currently possess.

In a statement posted on social media, the Philadelphia Flyers shared:

"We are excited to announce that the Flyers will be refreshing their primary uniforms and colors. As reported by a source from Icethetics, our team is all set to revamp its identity with an updated color scheme and redesigned home and road uniforms. Our jerseys will return to a previous, darker shade of orange. The newly revised uniforms will be inspired by retro design elements, showcasing wider sleeve yokes and minimal waist striping.

The Flyers have already hinted at this change by updating their social media branding with the darker orange. For those interested in the specific color, the switch is from Pantone 172 to 173."

All though the changes are very minor, they could make a big difference, as some fans may appreciate the new look. But at the very least won't get too upset with the logo and look remaining true to the past.




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Philadelphia Flyers Making A Surprising Logo Change Coming Next Season

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