Multiple Studies Reveal Inconsistencies in Gary Bettman's Statements

Published May 12, 2023 at 7:35

NHL's Stance on CTE

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has repeatedly and vehemently refuted the link between hockey-related fights and the neurodegenerative condition, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). Despite mounting evidence to the contrary, Bettman continues to deny any correlation. This stance was on full display during a recent radio interview.

When the interviewer broached the subject of a potential relationship between CTE and hockey, Bettman responded, assertively refuting any claims that there is a connection stating that there has not been any documented studies that connect hockey and CTE.

Agent Allen Walsh's Counter-Claim

However, Allen Walsh, a renowned player agent, has challenged Bettman's denial. Alongside an audio clip of Bettman's statement, Walsh shared the results of a study that indicates a major and blatant link between contact sports, such as hockey, and CTE.

Walsh made the argument that researchers from Harvard and Boston university have published multiple studies clearly showcasing that contact sport athletes are 68 times more likely to develop CTE compared to everyone else.

Latest Research on CTE

A study published in 2022 further substantiates Walsh's claim. The research, conducted by a consortium of nine universities in collaboration with the Concussion Legacy Foundation, concluded that repetitive head impact is in fact the main cause of CTE.

It is unlikely that the NHL and Bettman will ever admit that they're wrong on this subject, but one can hope.

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Multiple Studies Reveal Inconsistencies in Gary Bettman's Statements

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