Major Update on the 2018 Team Canada Scandal

Published August 23, 2023 at 12:12

The 2018 Team Canada Junior scandal is arguably the most significant controversy the NHL has ever faced.

All hockey fans want this matter resolved quickly.

After a prolonged silence, it now appears that legal wheels are finally in motion, with indications pointing towards an imminent reoludtion.


Five Players Arrested Soon

Beyond the possible NHL sanctions these players might face, the long arm of the law is reaching out. Word on the street is that it's only a matter of days until the Ontario police bring charges.

"And just last week, Quebec police sources told Radio-Canada that Ontario police were about to file charges, and that it was a matter of days.

Martin Leclerc"

Growing Impatience

The journey to the truth has been frustratingly slow, not just for eager fans but for the NHL itself. They announced that a verdict would come by March 2023, but as of August 23rd, almost six months later, there's still nothing.

The league isn't much better. With NHL training camps around the corner, many are itching for a resolution. But as NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly puts it, there isn't a "specific timetable to share at this time."

"On the topic of the 2018 WJC investigation outcome before NHL training camps, Bill Daly mentioned via email that he does not 'have a specific timetable to share at this time.'"

We can't wait to see the situation develops.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Major Update on 2018 Team Canada Junior: Five Players Suspended with Impending Criminal Charges
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Major Update on the 2018 Team Canada Scandal

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