CBC to Fire Ron Maclean from Hockey Night in Canada

Published July 9, 2023 at 9:15

MacLean to be Fired

People have been talking about whether Ron MacLean, the well-known sports broadcaster, will be fired or not. He used to work with Don Cherry and now hosts Hockey Night in Canada. Ever since Cherry left in 2019, there have been rumors about MacLean's future, but he has managed to keep his job, until now.

Big Changes for HNiC

However, there's a new development that suggests many people at the broadcasting station might be laid off, except for one person.

Howard Berger has shared some thoughts that worry fans of Hockey Night in Canada. According to his tweets, only one employee is guaranteed to stay at the station: Elliotte Friedman.

Although this news is significant, it's not really surprising. Friedman is an extremely valuable employee, who provides great insights on the NHL.

A New Era for HNiC?


It's all but confirmed that MacLean will be fired. He is getting older, and it might be a good idea for the station to bring in someone new.

Hockey Night in Canada is going through some changes. The next season will probably mark the beginning of a new era for this beloved show.

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CBC to Fire Ron Maclean from Hockey Night in Canada

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