Top-5 Draft Pick Discusses His Future After Potential Career-Ending Surgery

Dawson McKenzie
September 9, 2023  (12:50)

This recent top-5 draft pick just underwent a major surgery, and his future NHL career now hangs in the balance. He opened up about his recovery in an interview.

Jesse Puljujarvi Discusses Surgery

Jesse Puljujarvi underwent a double hip replacement surgery this offseason, as confirmed by Chris Johnston earlier this summer. His recovery time isn't concrete, other than it will be lengthy due to the significance of the surgery.
Puljujarvi recently opened up about his recovery process in an interview with a Finnish news outlet.
"The most difficult phase of all was 2.5 weeks after the operation. In the beginning it was just being able to walk. Now let's slowly start to wake up the muscles. There are 20-centimeter incisions on both sides of the buttocks. Now they are constantly trying to gain strength and mobility. It gets better every week.

This gives some insight into exactly what Puljujarvi was going through last year, looking unlike himself, especially as the season progressed with Carolina.

Puljujarvi's Career

Puljujarvi also discussed his free agency and his feelings about not being contacted yet by any teams.
So far, nothing has been heard from the NHL, when everyone knows that it will take many more months to get fit. I know that there is some interest in the NHL, but let's wait until I get closer to playing condition.

Normally, at this point in the offseason, most players would be concerned about remaining a UFA. It seems that Puljujarvi is remaining optimistic about his future as an NHLer and his recovery.
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