Department of Player Safety Cracking Down on Cale Makar's Hit on Jared McCann

Published April 25, 2023 at 9:11
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Cale Makar's Controversial Hit on Jared McCann

During game four between the Avalanche and the Kraken, Cale Makar of the Avalanche delivered a questionable hit on Jared McCann. The incident occurred early in the match, resulting in an initial major penalty call against Makar, which was later reduced to a two-minute minor.

Assessing the Hit: Late and Unnecessary?

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The hit took place 8:24 into the first period, when Makar caught McCann with a late hit after the puck had already gone over the glass. While the hit didn't come from behind or target the head, it seemed to be an unnecessary action against an unsuspecting opponent.

Revised Penalty and McCann's Condition

After reviewing the play, the referees decided to change the major penalty to a two-minute minor. McCann, who needed assistance from teammates to exit the ice, did not return to the game.

Makar's Perspective on the Incident

In a postgame interview, Cale Makar shared his thoughts on the hit with Peter Baugh of The Athletic, explaining that he believed McCann had the puck and that he didn't intend to hurt him.

"I didn't feel like I tried to finish him that far. I feel like if I was in that scenario, they would have done the exact same thing. I'm not trying to hurt anybody."

Upcoming Meeting with the Department of Player Safety

It has been confirmed that Makar will meet with the Department of Player Safety to discuss the incident. The consequences of his actions are yet to be determined.

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