Wild Fight Erupts Between Bruins and Panthers Fans

Published April 24, 2023 at 7:29 PM
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Panthers' Second Round Hopes Hang by a Thread

Although the chances of the Panthers making it to the second round are minimal, their fans remain determined to show their support and fight for their team—even when the players themselves aren't putting up a fight.

Clash Between Panthers and Bruins Fans

A startling video captured by David Rodriguez from The Hockey Podcast Network reveals a Bruins fan instigating a brawl with a Panthers supporter. Amid the chaos, a father can be seen ushering his children to safety.

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Such behavior is completely unacceptable, and the disorder didn't stop in the stands!

Outside FLA Live Arena, a Bruins fan was found unconscious on the sidewalk.

The game was certainly a wild one!

As reported on BruinsInsider - Game 4: Fight Erupts Between Bruins and Panthers Fans
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