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Breaking News: Leafs Make Goalie Move and Give Update on Matt Murray

Published April 4, 2023 at 12:28

The Maple Leafs faced a setback with Matt Murray's recent injury, and a roster move made this morning suggests the situation could be worse than anticipated.

Leafs Recalls Joseph Woll and Gives Update on Matt Murray

With the Toronto Marlies gearing up for a deep run in the Calder Cup playoffs and Joseph Woll playing a crucial role in the team's success, it's unlikely the Maple Leafs would call him up as a mere precaution.

Matt Murray's injury during the game against Detroit, following a collision with Lucas Raymond, raises concerns about a possible long-term absence.

Sheldon Keefe recently gave an update on the goalie.

TOR head coach Sheldon Keefe says the team is taking it day-to-day with the length of Matt Murray's absencesays «it's difficult» to determine the exact timeline. It is a head injury.

While Woll is a solid NHL choice, it would be disappointing to see the Marlies' impressive AHL team lose their top-tier goaltender.

Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.

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Breaking News: Leafs Make Goalie Move and Give Update on Matt Murray

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