Bad News For Noel Acciari in Toronto

Published March 18, 2023 at 10:17
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The Toronto Maple Leafs seemed to have hit the jackpot with the acquisition of Noel Acciari, an incredibly effective bottom-six center who has proven to be an excellent addition to the team.

Acciari Sidelined Due to Injury

Regrettably, during a recent game against the Carolina Hurricanes, Acciari sustained an injury after colliding with Jesse Puljujarvi.

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Maple Leafs' head coach, Sheldon Keefe, has confirmed that Acciari will not be joining the team on their trip to Ottawa.

Sheldon Keefe announced that Noel Acciari will not be traveling to Ottawa for tonight's game and will be out of the lineup.

Despite Acciari's injury, Keefe plans to maintain the 12-6 lineup configuration.

Wayne Simmonds and Justin Holl were both informed last night that they would be playing, so anticipate some roster adjustments

As fans and teammates hope for a speedy recovery, Acciari's absence will undoubtedly be felt, given the significant impact he has had on the Leafs' bottom-six.

As reported by Hockey Patrol - The Worst is Confirmed For Acciari
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