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John Carlson's Life-Threatening Injuries Revealed as He Nears Return to the Ice

Published March 17, 2023 at 11:33 PM

John Carlson has been out of action since late December, following a severe injury when a 90MPH slap shot hit him directly in the head.

Carlson's Comeback

Fortunately for the Capitals, their top defenseman is on the brink of returning after recovering from head injuries.

Though the Capitals' chances of making the playoffs are slim, having Carlson back on the team will be a welcome addition.

Carlson's value, whether as a trade asset or part of the Capitals' retooling, is significantly higher when he is healthy.

Extent of Injury Disclosed

Carlson's injury was extremely serious.

Once he was well enough, he shared his thoughts on the experience:

«It felt like being struck by lightning,»
«The pain was unbearable, and I was unsure if I would make it through.»

Carlson sustained a fractured skull and a severed temporal artery due to the slap shot on December 23rd. Three months later, the Capitals' leading defenseman is close to making a return, potentially as early as next week.

Below are some images of Carlson's injury (Warning: Graphic)






It is evident that Carlson has endured a lot. Nevertheless, his commitment to the sport remains strong, and he is looking forward to many more successful years in the game.

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John Carlson's Life-Threatening Injuries Revealed as He Nears Return to the Ice

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