BREAKING: Cale Makar Leaves The Ice After a Scary Leg Incident

Published October 29, 2023 at 2:50 PM

On Saturday afternoon, the Buffalo Sabres played against the Colorado Avalanche.

A significant event unfolded during the second period.

Makar and MacKinnon Leave the Game


It all started when Kyle Okposo delivered a severe hit on Cale Makar, pushing him dangerously into the boards.

"Cale Makar has gone to the locker room after taking a hit and going into the boards awkwardly"

Despite the dangerous play, no penalty was given. This oversight infuriated Nathan MacKinnon.

Consequently, he was slapped with a two-minute penalty and ejected from the game.

"MacKinnon gets a ten minute misconduct and a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct"

"Makar is in the #Avs locker room, and MacKinnon gives the officials and earful after no penalty on the Okposo hit.

That earns him a two minute unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and a ten minute misconduct.

The #Avs head back to the penalty kill. #GoAvsGo"

Updates will follow.

As seen on Markerzone - BREAKING: Mackinnon Ejected After Calling Out Referee for Missed Call on Makar
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BREAKING: Cale Makar Leaves The Ice After a Scary Leg Incident

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