Linesman Makes Huge Mistake Leading to Knock Out During Fight

Published August 21, 2023 at 5:27 PM

Fighting is a hot topic in hockey, being part of the game for so long but now facing its potential extinction. Some argue that it's a necessary part of the game, while others say there is no need for it.

Linesman's Mistake

The game of hockey is fast, and even when things settle down when a fight breaks out, small actions can have a huge impact. In the video below, as players set up for a fight, one small move by the linesman results in a severe knockout.

Irresponsible linesman gets a player knocked out cold.

Eliminate Fighting?

The dangers presented in the video call for a serious discussion on whether or not fighting should be banned from hockey. While this doesn't happen in every fight, it does significantly increase the risk of severe injury. Asking linesmen to be extremely precise in their decisions at all points in a hockey game is a tall order, and maybe something we should reconsider.

As seen on Blade of Steel - "Irresponsible linesman makes a bad decision that gets a player knocked out by a huge left hand"
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Linesman Makes Huge Mistake Leading to Knock Out During Fight

Should Fighting be Eliminated in Hockey?

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No7984 %
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