BREAKING: Former Captain and Veteran Officially Retires From Hockey

James Connelly
September 10, 2023  (2:38 PM)

The final Atlanta Thrashers captain and 1000-game NHL veteran has officially called it a career and retired.

Ladd Retires From Hockey

Andrew Ladd, a 1000-game veteran and one-time captain of the Atlanta Thrashers, has decided to call it a career and has retired from hockey.
The time has come for my next chapter. When I was a kid I never thought I had a chance to make a living playing hockey.
There was my love for the game. I loved being a part of a team, I loved competing, I loved the next chance to win, I loved the challenge, I loved the escape of immersing myself in the moment, I loved the feeling of belonging, I loved the confidence it gave me, I loved to prove people wrong.
As I reflect on the journey, the 1001 games, the 2 Stanley Cups, the opportunity to captain a Canadian city, what l'm most grateful for is the people.
My parents for their sacrifice, the core values they instilled in me and the love shown through compassion or a challenge. My brothers for their unwavering loyalty and love no matter the circumstance. My grandfather who believed in my potential when no one else did. My extended family watching at home or showing up to support me in Vancouver and Calgary. My teammates who pushed me to grow on and off the ice, some who have become lifelong friends. The equipment staff who selflessly made sure I always had what I needed whether that was equipment or a conversation. The medical staff who kept me on the ice or made sure I had a ride home after surgery. Team service coordinators who organized all the requests for tickets, restaurants and hotels.
The coaching staffs who taught me how to grow as a player and leader. General managers who believed I could be a piece of the puzzle. Don Rourke who helped me rehab countless injuries. Adam Francilia who has been there as a trainer and friend since I was 13. Dan Leffelaar who helped me find my love for the game again to reach 1000 games. The Carolina Hurricanes, Chicago Blackhawks, Atlanta Thrashers, Winnipeg Jets, New York Islanders and Arizona Coyotes for allowing me to represent your organization and cities. Friends in all those places who gave my family and I community. The fans who are the fuel of our game and created so many amazing moment like the 1st game back in the Peg, the anthem at the madhouse, and standing for an entire game 7 in Carolina. Your energy and passion created those moment. My kids Locklan, And and Walker who were always there to put a smile on my face in warmup or after a tough game. And Lastly my wife Brandy who has made me a better person since the day we met, been there through wins, losses, injuries, tears, trades, moves and the toughest stretch of my career.
l'll forever be grateful for how the game shaped me as person and the people it brought
into my life!
-Andrew Ladd

Ladd was initially selected 4th overall in 2004 by the Carolina Hurricanes. Since his career began, Ladd had always established himself as a successful forward who was able to score and play solid defense.
His display of leadership earned him wearing a letter on his jersey for the majority of his NHL career. Since 2010, Ladd always had a C or an A on his jersey. He won two Stanley Cups in his career with the Chicago Blackhawks as well.
Throughout his 1001-game career, he scored 550 points and was a pivotal member of many playoff teams.
We wish him all the best as he transitions away from playing hockey and into a new chapter of his life.