Media Personality Reveals the Shocking Double Standard in the NHL

Published March 22, 2023 at 9:58 PM
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Recently, several NHL teams have expressed concerns about the potential risks of wearing pride jerseys, particularly for their Russian players who could face arrest upon returning to their home country.

Blackhawks Forego Pride Jerseys Amid Fears for Russian Players

The Chicago Blackhawks are the latest team to cancel the use of pride jerseys in light of these concerns.

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However, some fans argue that this reasoning is inconsistent, pointing to instances where teams have no issues with players wearing camo jerseys for US military night. One notable example is Russian player Alex Ovechkin wearing a camo jersey in support of US military night.

This double standard, as highlighted by Andrew Berkshire, implies that while Russian players can support the US military, wearing a pride jersey is deemed too risky. He argues that if Ovechkin can wear a camo jersey, the NHL should not allow the fear of Russian backlash to prevent the use of pride jerseys.

"If Ovechkin can wear a camo jersey on US military night, there's no Russian «security» concerns over pride."

As the debate around Pride Night and pride jerseys intensifies, it appears that opinions within the NHL community are divided. While some support the league's inclusive message, others seem to find reasons to avoid expressing support for the LGBTQIA+ community.

As reported by Hockey Patrol - Media Personality Exposes Alex Ovechkin's Blatant Double Standards
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