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Brad Marchand Makes a Shocking Decision

Published March 22, 2023 at 3:37 PM

Brad Marchand, arguably the most contentious player in the NHL, possesses undeniable talent but has also gained notoriety for his on-ice behavior. Fans often despise facing him but would gladly welcome him to their team, and it seems players share this sentiment. This notion was further solidified when the NHLPA disclosed the results of a recent player survey, revealing an interesting detail about Marchand.

Marchand Disappears from Twitter

Marchand is known for his social media presence, frequently engaging in debates with fans or trolling others. As the NHLPA unveiled the player vote results, announcing Marchand as the player NHLers would prefer on their team rather than as an opponent, fans made a curious observation.

It appears that Marchand has grown tired of interacting with fans on social media because, upon visiting his account after the poll results, fans encountered a message stating, "This account doesn't exist."

Regrettably, Brad will have to learn about his recent accolade through a teammate instead of Twitter. His reasons for deleting his account remain uncertain. Perhaps he is focusing on the Bruins' upcoming playoff run, or he simply grew weary of social media.

As reported by Hockey Patrol - Brad Marchand Shocks Fans With a Recent Move
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Brad Marchand Makes a Shocking Decision

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