Matvei Michkov Aims to Join a Specific NHL Team and is Actively Pursuing It

Published June 20, 2023 at 2:30 PM
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Uncertainty Surrounding Matvei Michkov's Draft Position

The forecast of the draft order has been rendered complex due to a simple reason: Matvei Michkov.

Many anticipated that the Russian talent would be the 2nd overall pick, right on the heels of Connor Bedard. However, recent developments in Russia have muddied the waters.

Surprisingly, there are speculations that he might not even secure a position in the top five!

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It's been circulating in the news that Michkov has determined his preferred team and is making efforts to steer his draft in that direction.

Is Michkov Setting Sights on Joining Ovechkin?

The news broke on the Russian Machine Never Breaks website yesterday that Michkov has his heart set on playing for Washington. If he can exercise such a significant influence over his draft, the Capitals will likely be his chosen team.

According to a Russian report, it's highly probable that the Capitals will draft Michkov, a claim supported by the statement "You'll see".

With the 8th overall pick in their hands, it would be unexpected for the Capitals to overlook Michkov if he remains undrafted till then.

The Capitals have shown in the past their willingness to draft Russian players and it seems likely that they will uphold this tradition in the current year.

For more info, see the original tweet:

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