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Report: 30 Goal Scorer Has Been Put On The Trade Market For Free

Published June 20, 2023 at 11:18

The Opening of NHL's Summer Buyout Window

As the summer buyout window for the National Hockey League commences, speculation is rife about the next players whose contracts may be bought out.

Several teams perceive the buyout as an advantageous strategy when saddled with unsatisfactory contracts, but most endeavor to trade a player prior to opting for a buyout.

Strategies to Avoid Unprofitable Exchanges

Frank Seravalli from the Daily Faceoff has offered some insight into possible buyout candidates and the rumors circulating each player's team.

His observation is that while many of these teams will likely resort to a buyout eventually, they have been assertive in the trade market, seeking a receptive partner. The rationale behind this approach is that teams prefer not to gain anything rather than forfeit cap space without any return.

The Buyout Candidates

Notably, most of the players on the buyout list are significantly overpaid, aging players. However, there are also usually some players of fair value, who are regrettably bound by unfavorable contracts.

Are the Canadiens Giving Away Mike Hoffman?

Seravalli's report hints that the Montreal Canadiens are attempting to offload forward Mike Hoffman to other teams at almost no cost to free up their payroll and bypass a buyout.

Hoffman, who has had inconsistent performances over the past two seasons, is not too distant from his peak days and remains a competent goal-scorer.

Hoffman once consistently scored 30 goals per season, with a career-best 70-point season merely four years prior.

A combination of unfortunate events involving Hoffman and his girlfriend saw him shift around teams early in his career, but his prowess as a goal-scorer is well-established.

In the event that Montreal is indeed making Hoffman available at no cost, it's an opportunity other organizations shouldn't miss. Given that Hoffman's contract only has one year remaining, the move poses negligible risk.

Moreover, a team could even trade him at the deadline of the upcoming season, managing to keep half of his contract.

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Report: 30 Goal Scorer Has Been Put On The Trade Market For Free

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