Alex Ovechkin's Return to Russia is in Place With His KHL Team

March 14, 2023  (1:02 PM)

As a patriotic Russian, Alex Ovechkin has repeatedly expressed his desire to finish his ice hockey career in his home country. His KHL team has now confirmed that they are actively making plans for his return, indicating that Ovechkin's ambition to play for his homeland team may become a reality in the near future.

Ovechkin's Return to Russia in Motion

Alex Ovechkin has a rich history with Dynamo Moscow, having played five seasons for the team between 2001 and 2005, as well as during the 2013 lockout season. He remains a proud representative of this renowned ice hockey club in Russia.
Dynamo Moscow is already planning for Ovechkin's return in 2026, with a focus on building a strong roster of players to support him when he comes back to play for the team. This indicates that the club is taking steps to ensure a successful comeback for Ovechkin, and fans are eagerly anticipating his return to the ice with his beloved team.
Here is the statement released by Dynamo (translated from Russian):
So we're preparing it right now. Dynamo now has that age potential, which will peak at the moment when Sasha's NHL contract expires. I want him to have decent partners at that moment.

As Alex Ovechkin approaches the end of his current contract with the NHL, some may view this as the end of an era for the iconic player known as the "Great 8." However, despite being 41 years old at the end of his current contract, it is widely believed that Ovechkin will still have several more productive years left in him when he returns to play for his home team in Russia.
While his time in the NHL may be coming to a close, fans of Ovechkin will undoubtedly be eager to see what the future holds for the legendary player as he continues to make his mark on the ice.