REPORT: Golden Knights Defenseman to Be Traded Due to the Salary Cap

Published August 5, 2023 at 10:50

Cap Issues Force Golden Knights to Rethink Strategy

Every team that wins a championship struggles to keep the group together. The Golden Knights, already feeling the gruelling effect of the salary cap, had to part ways with Reilly Smith, only receiving draft picks in return.

As of now, the Golden Knights are holding a cap hit of $87,648,317, and will need to hit $83.5-million to be compliant. They will need to move a player to stay within the lines of the salary cap, and that player appears to be known.


Martinez: A Potential Trade Target?

According to a recent report from Jesse Granger of The Athletic, Martinez, with his $5.25 million cap hit, could potentially be the Golden Knights' next cap victim.

Despite not being a significant point scorer, Martinez contributes invaluable play on the defensive end, making sure that the star players of the opponent teams have a minimal chance of scoring.

With one year left on his contract, any team that decides to take a risk on him could benefit significantly.

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REPORT: Golden Knights Defenseman to Be Traded Due to the Salary Cap

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