Kyle Dubas' Top GM Candidate Declines Offer, Prefers to Stay in Toronto

Published August 4, 2023 at 6:12 PM

After years leading the Toronto Maple Leafs, to no ones surprise, Kyle Dubas left the organization this summer to join the Pittsburgh Penguins, and was surprisingly named the teams General Manager.

Not his first choice


When he first took over, Dubas was named interim GM as well as President of Hockey Operations, but surprised the hockey world when he was given the full-time job this past week.

According to Sportsnet's NHL Insider Elliotte Friedman however, this was not the original plan, as one key member of the Maple Leafs front office was offered the job first.

Dubas the GM

His latest quote reveals that the position was offered to Maple Leafs assistant GM Brandon Pridham, but despite the potential step up, he chose to stay in Toronto.

I think that Pridham decided to stay in Toronto earlier this summer and I think once that kind of move was known, that Pridham was likely to stay, I think that this was the course of action a lot of people expected.

Both teams still have plenty of work to do before they can be considered genuine Stanley Cup threats, but it does come as a shock that Pridham turned the role down, even if it meant leaving the Maple Leafs organization.

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Kyle Dubas' Top GM Candidate Declines Offer, Prefers to Stay in Toronto

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