Toronto reporter suggests Keefe sounds terrified to play at home

Tyler Ball
May 2, 2024  (1:07 PM)

Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Sheldon Keefe addressing the media after a playoff game against the Boston Bruins
Photo credit: Sportsnet

Today new comments from Toronto-based reporter Brian Hayes have caused a stir among the Toronto Maple Leafs fans. According to Brian Hayes, he believes Sheldon Keefe and the Maple Leafs are afraid to play at home.

Today Toronto reporter Brian Hayes went on to TSN to discuss the Toronto Maple Leafs series against the Boston Bruins. During this segment Brian Hayes says he believes Sheldon Keefe is afraid for his team to play at home after his recent interviews.
Sheldon Keefe sounds terrified of being on home ice

He continues on to say that he thinks Sheldon Keefe is trying to spin his team's mindset to treat their Game 6 home game as an away game instead.
Sheldon Keefe is trying to psychologically get to a point where it's a road game at home, which is absurd.

This opinion from Brian Hayes comes after a recent press conference ahead of Game 6 with Sheldon Keefe. During the press conference Sheldon Keefe stressed how he wants the approach to stay the same as it did before their road game in Boston.
We have to approach the game no different than we have on the road.

While one can understand where Brian Hayes is coming from consistency is the name of the game in professional sports. If a coach can get his players to come out and play at the same high level every game he is going to do what works to get there regardless of the location of the game.
With Game 6 fast approaching tonight it will be interesting to see if the Toronto Maple Leafs can carry over their same "road game" mentality and if it will be successful.