Ryan Reaves opens up on heavyweight tilt with Matt Rempe

Tom Banks
March 4, 2024  (4:57 PM)

The fight between heavyweights Ryan Reaves and Matt Rempe.
Photo credit: Barstool Sports

When the Toronto Maple Leafs and New York Rangers matched up over the weekend, the entire world waited with baited breath to see a showdown between Matt Rempe and Ryan Reaves, and they certainly didn't disappoint.

Ryan Reaves and Matt Rempe drop the gloves

While plenty of people have encouraged the 21-year old to calm down on his fighting, it was only a matter of time until he met Ryan Reaves in a moment he couldn't turn down.
Rempe indeed turned down Reaves' first request, but the hit on Ilya Lyubushkin changed things in a big way, and the duo would ultimately have a fantastic fight at center ice.

Ryan Reaves reacts to the heavyweight bout

Now, Reaves has reacted to the fight, calling Rempe a really nice kid and saying he will be a menace to deal with for the NHL for a long time to come.
Ryan Reaves on his conversation with Matt Rempe in the penalty box after Saturday's fight.

Called him a «really nice kid.»

«It shows fighting's not dead in this sport. People still get amped up for it.»
Ryan Reaves says he didn't fall asleep till 6:30 am after fighting Matt Rempe. Figures he's the longest opponent he's ever fought. «He's going to be a menace in this league.»
Fighting is clearly going to remain a major part of the NHL for a long-time to come, and while there's not as many players like this as there once was, Rempe is keeping that spirit alive and bringing the energy to the ice every single night.