Mitch Marner Trade is Reportedly Being Considered

Elliot Ben Jacob
April 27, 2024  (3:23 PM)

The Toronto Maple Leafs' Mitch Marner.
Photo credit: Editor in Leaf

It has come to light, through comments made by Sportsnet's Elliotte Friedman, that Mitch Marner of the Toronto Maple Leafs might be on the trading block this upcoming off-season. Despite his eligibility to negotiate an extension starting July 1st, his recent performances have sparked debate.

Critique of Marner's Performance Against the Bruins

Marner's contribution in the initial trio of games in the playoff series against the Boston Bruins has been underwhelming.
With a mere assist to his name and several detrimental plays leading to goals for the Bruins, his skill has been questioned.

Friedman's Analysis on The Fan590

During a segment on The Fan590, Friedman drew parallels between Marner and Elias Pettersson of the Vancouver Canucks, pointing out similar challenges faced by Pettersson in his series against the Nashville Predators.
The discussion also touched upon the potential impact of Marner's performance on his future contract.

Contract and Trade Speculation

Marner is approaching the final year of his six-year contract which grants him an annual salary of $10.903 million.
"The calendar determines all and we're going to get to a point where he can extend. It'll come down to a) how well he plays, b) what his next contract looks like and c) if it comes to a trade, what they're all willing to do together."

Despite possessing a no-trade clause, Friedman speculated that the Maple Leafs might explore trading options similar to their approach with William Nylander prior to his extension, given Marner's playoff struggles.

Public and Media Backlash

The playoff performance has not only turned fans but also members of the Toronto media against Marner.
"I think it's really critical. You look at Pettersson in Vancouver, you look at Marner in Toronto and you see a lot of similaritiesYou can see how both of those markets are reacting around those players early on.

I think Marner is his own worst enemy in the sense that he puts a ton of pressure on himself in some ways I think he almost mentally straight jackets himself."

With the pressure mounting, and the Maple Leafs needing to strengthen their defensive lineup, Marner's future with the team appears uncertain and he may very well be considered for a trade to resolve the team's issues.