Don Cherry backs Keefe and calls outs goaltending with latest comments

Marvin Azrak
May 9, 2024  (2:23 PM)

Don Cherry
Photo credit: Toronto Sun

Sheldon Keefe is no longer behind the bench for the Toronto Maple Leafs and everyone is talking about it, including Don Cherry who shared his thoughts on the matter.

The Leafs let Sheldon Keefe go. I know how he feels; it's not fun. For all the Leafs fans, ask yourself this: Switch goalies. Who wins the series? Show me a good coach, and I'll show you a good goalie.
Cherry doesn't blame Keefe for the Leafs failure rather the players, specifically the Toronto goaltending. Ilya Samsonav and Joseph Woll were outplayed by Jermey Swayman of the Boston Bruins, in their seven game series.
Toronto showed Keefe the exit after yet another early playoff exit. It was their fourth first round exit in five years under Keefe's tenure.
Keefe himself addressed the situation in a heartfelt video message on social media. He expressed gratitude for the opportunity to coach the Leafs, but also owned up to the fact that he couldn't quite deliver the playoff success they were all hoping for.
Now that Keefe's out, the Leafs are on the hunt for a new head coach. The search is on, and they're wasting no time. GM Brad Treliving and president Brendan Shanahan will talk with reporters about the coaching change and other end-of-season stuff tomorrow.
Keefe had quite the journey with the Leafs, starting back in 2015 with the AHL's Toronto Marlies, where he won a Calder Cup. Thanks to his connection with former assistant GM Kyle Dubas, he eventually made his way up to the big show, taking over as head coach in 2019. Yet sometimes, change is a part of the game.