Craig Berube throws shade at Kyle Dubas with introductory remarks

Graham Montgomery
May 22, 2024  (7:45 PM)

Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Craig Berube addressing the media for the first time as part of the Leafs organization
Photo credit: Sportsnet

New Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Craig Berube threw some shade in Kyle Dubas' direction yesterday during his introductory press conference with the team.

First, Berube talked about what he saw from the Leafs this year. The team has famously not found much success in the playoffs in the core-four era. However, Berube believes he saw the team starting to play better playoff hockey despite their first-round loss to the Boston Bruins this year. He specifically credited Brad Treliving for building the roster around the core four that showed improvements over Dubas' strategies.
An encouraging moment was Berube saying the move toward the Leafs playing the way they need to play was seen in this year's playoffs. Craig credited Brad for the move toward playing the right way. No credit to Brendan and rightfully so.

The new coach also emphasized the importance of depth players. He stressed that every player on the team has a role to play. The top guys will get the majority of the media attention, but if the other players fail in their roles, the team will not be successful. This can certainly be interpreted as another jab at Dubas, who consistently failed to add reliable depth to the Leafs.
Berube mentioned something Brad touched on in his introductory presser. Every guy is important. Plus, everyone will understand their role. That was something Brian Boyle said this Leafs team just didn't get and why he didn't like them going into this past playoffs.

Leafs captain John Tavares seems to be happy with the new coach so far as he briefly talked about the initial conversations he has had with Berube. There was a lot of emphasis placed on communication, something Berube touched on during the press conference as well.
"We talked a lot about just how he wants to communicate and the importance of that. There's a lot of good things that we've done and where the team is at. He thinks he can help push us further and help us get better. As a player, that's what you want to hear."
Could this be the beginning of a newer, better era of Leafs hockey? Hopefully for Leafs fans, the answer is yes.