U.S. President Joe Biden Roasts the Leafs in Front of Parliament

Published March 24, 2023 at 3:57 PM
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The Leafs hate club has just gotten a new member, U.S. President Joe Biden has expressed how he dislikes the Leafs

Joe Biden Roasts the Leafs!

During an address to Parliament, Biden completely destroyed the Leafs, Biden can sometimes come across as slightly incoherent, but this time the message was loud and clear.

"I like your (hockey) teams, except the Leafs!"

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Biden later explained that he does not like the Leafs because they beat the Flyers in February.

While Biden has said some bizarre, incoherent and confusing things in the past, but his take on the Leafs makes sense.

As seen on Habsfanatics - U.S. President Joe Biden Slams the Toronto Maple Leafs in front of the parliament
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